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I'm back with a new short fanfic. I'll hope you like it. Normally when I think of a story, I already know which characters I'll write about. But this time I got the idea for the end scene first while watching a drama without knowing exactly which characters to put in it. So I thought about which one of the boys would fit the story the best and here is the result. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Titel: Yakusoku
Author: cherry_chan24
Pairing: Jin/Yamapi
Summary:"They had always been friends. They still were. Close friends, but nothing more. Because anything else wasn’t possible. Anything else wasn’t allowed. Yamapi knew that. But still… And now Jin wanted to leave."

They had always been friends. They still were. Close friends, but nothing more. Because anything else wasn’t possible. Anything else wasn’t allowed. Yamapi knew that. But still…
He didn’t know when it started, but at some point he had realized that being friends with Jin and just casually hanging out together hadn’t been enough for him anymore. However, he had never said a word, for he knew it would most possibly be the end of their friendship. And not only that, but the agency wouldn’t stand down either.
So he had remained silent over all these years, trying to not let his friend know. He had fought down the sudden burst of jealousy on his own, each time when he had seen him with someone else. Especially with Kame. The two of them had been undeniable getting closer and closer over the years. Yamapi knew that all of it was just fan service, but still that didn’t change his feelings.

And now Jin wanted to leave. In the days after his sudden declaration, Yamapi realized that even just being together as friends was better than not being together at all. But there was nothing he could do. Preparations were already finished and even if he could muster his courage to say something, what should he say? What reason should he tell him that he wanted him to stay? Because telling him the truth was obviously out of the possibilities.
Well, at least his plans of leaving KAT-TUN and going to America broke his relationship with Kame, so the possibility was high that he would never have to see them hug again. But that was just a small comfort.

As their interests had always been similar, Yamapi could understand his friend’s decision until a certain point. He knew that his friend had felt trapped and had had the feeling that his current job couldn’t satisfy him anymore. He had always been a loner who wanted to do his own thing. They had spoken about it several times in the past. Of course they had. Yamapi himself had thought about leaving NEWS and going solo several times in the past. But it had always been a possibility, not actually something to do in the near future. But now Jin was doing it first without telling him. And not only was he leaving KAT-TUN, he was even leaving the country and that was what Yamapi couldn’t understand. Why would he leave? All of him cried to stop Jin, to tell his friend not to go – not to leave him alone, but how could he? Above all other reasons, could he really be so selfish? If Jin really wanted to go, if that was his dream than who was Yamapi to stop him? They were friends and despite his feelings, shouldn’t he be happy if Jin was happy. If that was, what Jin really wanted to do, how could Yamapi not let him go?

The day of Jin’s departure came sooner than expected with heavy rain and a headache. Maybe he drank a little too much at Jin’s farewell party yesterday although he left quiet early. It had been the only way he could think of to survive the night without ruining his friendship with Jin and probably both of their lives in front of everybody. He hadn’t spoken much with Jin and had left early for he couldn’t bear the wild cheerfulness of the other guests. He didn’t even know whether Jin had noticed or not.

Although he took some medicine for his headache, the pain wouldn’t fully leave him. The minutes crept by and he caught himself several times glancing at the clock while working. Jin’s flight would leave in the evening at 7pm.
Yamapi didn’t plan on going. He had used work as an excuse and had already said his farewell greetings yesterday. Besides, there would already be a huge commotion since Jin’s time of departure wasn’t a secret. But that was only half true. In fact, Yamapi didn’t want to see Jin leave. He feared what he might do then.

It was already 4:50pm when Yamapi returned to his dressing room after his appearance in a variety show. Jin would reach the airport soon. With a sigh Yamapi hung his jacket over the back of his chair and grabbed the hem of his top. He was just about to pull it above his head when the door of the room was pushed open and Ryo stormed into the room. Without saying a word he grabbed Yamapi’s wrist and dragged him out of the room and down the corridor. Taken by surprise they had already left the building when Yamapi finally found his tongue again. “Ryo, what are you doing?” He struggled against the strong grip of his friend, but his effort was futile. “Where are we going?”
“Airport,” Ryo explained in one word and stopped in front of his car. “Get in.”
Irritated Yamapi shook of the other’s hand and Ryo gave in. “I already told you, I’m not going. Besides, it’s already too late. Until we reach the airport, he’s long gone.” He turned around and wanted to leave, but Ryo grabbed his shoulder and forced him to look at him. Yamapi squirmed under his furious look. “You really want to let him go like this?” Ryo asked angrily.
“What?” Yamapi froze on the spot and looked at his friend, but Ryo ignored him, “I never saw someone as cowardly as you. This may be your last chance to say the things you want to say. Did you just want to sit back and wait until it’s too late?”
“You…,” Yamapi was lost for words, but they weren’t necessary, Ryo already knew what he wanted to ask. “Of course I knew.” With a sigh he let Yamapi’s shoulder go. “We’re friends, remember? And besides, it’s obvious.”
Yamapi turned red at his words, but at the same time he felt his stomach tense in fear. “It is?”
“Well, at least for me. I don’t think the others have noticed so no need to freak out. Just get in the car, will you?”
Yamapi hesitated. A part of him just wanted to follow Ryo and forget the consequences, but another part couldn’t. “I can’t and you know that. Our friendship, his career, the agency, they’re all…”
“Do you really want to discuss that know? Are they really so much more important than your feelings?”
“…” Yamapi didn’t know how to answer.
“Then get in the damn car.” Ryo ordered him again a little impatiently.
Yamapi gave in and let Ryo shove him into the car.
One minute later they were on their way to the airport.

With Ryo’s driving, they reached their destination much faster than Yamapi had expected, but it was still too late in his eyes. Ryo stopped the car in front of the entrance without caring about the no-parking signs and Yamapi jumped out of the car.
He didn’t wait for Ryo to follow him and ran into the building. He knew at which gate Jin’s flight was departing. Then he heard running footsteps behind him and assumed that it was Ryo, but didn’t look back to check. He couldn’t. What if it was already too late? What if Jin had already left? His lungs felt as if they would burst any second, but he didn’t stop.
He already saw and heard the screaming crowd from afar and interpreted it as a good sign. All the fans wouldn’t be here if Jin had already left. Suddenly, someone grabbed his arm and pulled him to the right. Yamapi uttered a surprised scream and wanted to fight the other of, but the familiar voice made him stop, “You really want to go through there?” Ryo asked while he was pulling his friend with him. “Did you become suicidal all of a sudden?” He grinned. They ran round the crowd until they reached the start of the aisle that was guarded by security guards against the rush of fans who wanted to bit their beloved idol goodbye.
“Okay, go!” Ryo gave him an encouraging push.
“Thanks,” Yamapi shouted above his shoulder without hesitating in his steps. He heard someone – a girl – scream his name and knew he had been seen, but he didn’t care. His thoughts were on Jin only. From the corner of his eyes he saw the crowd pushing forward, but was hold up by the security guards. He could see the confusion in their eyes, but no one reached out to stop him. “Jin!” he screamed desperately. “Jin!” And then he saw him on the other side of the cordon. He had already crossed the security screening and was about to head to the gate. Yamapi increased his speed. “JIN!” Finally Jin’s head turned and when he saw his friend his eyes grew wide in surprise.

Yamapi reached the cordon. Some noisy beeping went off and it took him a few seconds until he realized that it was the metal detector he had just passed. Of course he hadn’t stopped to get rid of the keys in his pocket. A security man caught hold of his shoulder and his run came to an abrupt hold. “It’s okay,” he heard Jin’s voice while he struggled against the grip. The hands let him go and he stumbled the last steps towards Jin. Panting, he grabbed Jin’s shoulder to support himself, otherwise his legs wouldn’t have carried him anymore.
“Pi,” Jin seemed delighted, but it was obvious that he hadn’t expected to see his friend. “What are you doing here? I thought…”
“Don’t…go,” Yamapi cut him short still panting.
“What?” Jin looked at him confused.
“Don’t go,” Yamapi repeated. “Please, I can’t live without you. And I wanted to say this since a long time now. But I couldn’t because it’s wrong, but you’re about to leave and… Don’t go.”
Jin seemed to be lost for words. For what felt like hours for Yamapi, he just stared at his friend in disbelief. Finally, he pulled himself together. “Pi, I can’t…,” he gestured helplessly towards the entrance of the gate in his back, “I already left.”
Yamapi stared first at Jin and then at the gate entrance behind him. Jin was right. The decision was already out of their hands. But he couldn’t just let him go like this. Not when he already came all the way here. “Then at least promise me one thing,” he looked up at his friend’s face. Jin returned his look expectantly. “Promise me that you’ll come back to me.”
Slowly Jin’s lips turned into a smile. Before Yamapi could react, he pulled him close. A surprised tone escaped Yamapi. He could feel his heart beating fast in his chest and he was sure that it wasn’t only because of the running. With Jin this close he could barely remember to breath. He felt Jin’s breath against his cheek when the other one leaned forward. “Yakusoku,” Jin whispered into his ear before he kissed him.


A/N: So, did you like the pairing? I choose Jin, because I didn't have to explain why he was leaving for I think we all know it. And I took Yamapi because I think both of them are really cute together and I wanted to write something different than Akame. So I admit, I maybe just made it easy for me.^^ But I'm curious: Which pairing would you have chosen?
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