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Pairing: Kame/Junno
Rating: PG
Summary: Junno is acting strange lately and the other members don’t know the reason. Kame has a theory, though, and when Junno’s behavior seems to affect the atmosphere inside the group he finally decides to confront him.

A/N: I wrote this fanfic for [ profile] kamedafan. She provided the inspiration for this. :)

Taguchi pushed the door to the meeting room open sweepingly. “Ohayou,” he greeted the present members cheerfully. The answers were tiered looks in return and a mumbled, “’hayou” from Ueda. But Taguchi didn’t let it bother him. He was used to these kinds of reactions already – especially at 8 o’clock in the morning. A quick look around the room told him that they were still missing a member. Kame wasn’t here yet. Taguchi frowned. And that’s when they only agreed on this early morning hour because of Kame’s schedule later on. Taguchi pulled his cell phone from his pocket and looked at the digital clock on the display. Well, it was only three minutes to eight. Kame would probably come right on time like he always did.
Taguchi slumped down on the chair next to Yuichi and was just about to ask him about his weekend, when the door opened and Mori-san, their manager, entered the room followed closely by their youngest member.
“Ohayou,” Kame greeted the rest of them and sat down next to Ueda, opposite from Yuichi. Taguchi threw a quick glance at him. He looked tired, but maybe that wasn’t really a reason to worry about considering the time and the fact that Kame wasn’t a morning person. Taguchi turned his attention back to Mori-san who had just started to talk about the schedule that laid ahead of them and in the following hour his mind was occupied with different other things, so that he hadn’t time to worry about Kame anymore.
They talked shortly about the upcoming concerts in Hiroshima and Yoyogi later this month and then changed to the schedule for the preparations about their countdown concert. Together with Taguchi’s own drama shooting, it would be a busy time for him but he was actually looking forward to it. Especially the countdown concert. Last year’s had been great although there had been some worries about the reactions of the fans after Koki’s dismissal, but it wouldn’t be like that again this year, thus it would be fun all the more. When it had been announced that they could do a Countdown Concert for a second time in a row, Taguchi had been really happy about it. What was more, a concert at New Year’s Eve meant that he would begin the new year together with the other members on stage. And that was something to look forward to.
“And just a last announcement in the end,” Mori-san said when their meeting was nearing its end, “Kamenashi-san’s new drama Second Love has been confirmed. Congratulations. Broadcasting will start in January, so the filming will take place from the end of December onwards.”
“What?” Taguchi sat up. He knew that Kame had an offer for a new drama series but somehow he didn’t think that it would start so soon. After all, Kame had just finished two major movie projects and was busy with their concert tour and the preparations for the Countdown and the promotion for the said movies would also start soon. And now this. Why did it always have to be Kame? Especially with a filming schedule so close before New Year? “But that’s right before the Countdown,” he submitted.
“Don’t worry,” Kame said, “It won’t affect the concert or any of our other activities. I’ll already spoke to the director and he’ll arrange the schedule accordingly.”
“Great,” Taguchi answered, sounding the least enthusiastic and convinced, “I’m sure he will.”
Ueda and Yuichi exchanged a surprised glance at his reaction. It wasn’t a normal reaction of their happy-go-lucky member. Kazuya frowned. “What’s the matter, Junno?”
“Nothing,” Junno answered and stared grimly at the table top in front of him. “Everything’s great. Just do whatever you want to do. It’s none of my concern.”
Kazuya looked at him confused. “Junno, I don’t understand. You know, a tied schedule isn’t unusual and you know that up to now we always managed to get through it. What’s your problem?”
“Yeah, I know,” Junno gave in. He shouldn’t have opened his mouth but the words just came out and now he was already regretting it. He never said something before. He never wanted to talk about this, especially not in front of everyone. And especially not when Kame looked at him the way he did just now. “Really, it’s nothing.” He sighed when the others kept staring at him in disbelieve. “Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said something, it’s just…,” he hesitated and threw a quick, unsecure glance at Kame’s face, “no, it’s nothing. Just forget what I said. Congratulations on your new drama, Kazuya.” He forced a smile on his face that didn’t turn out as cheerful and convincing as he would have wished for.
The others didn’t look the least convinced but no one said a word. Kame looked at him with furrows in his brows. Junno couldn’t really interpret his gaze but he felt himself getting more and more nervous the longer this unpleasant silence continued. The corners of his mouth twitched while he was trying to hold up his smile.
Finally, Kame took his eyes of him. “Thanks,” he said in a normal tone. “Like I said, I won’t let it affect any of you.”
Taguchi nodded. Taken aback by the sudden tense atmosphere, Mori-san looked uneasily from one to the other. He cleared his throat, “Well, I think all things are settled now?” He looked at Kame as if he was waiting for an approval that didn’t come, though. “Then I think we can end this here for today.” He looked at his wrist watch. “Kamenashi-san, I think we should be on our way now. I suppose, the car is already waiting.”
Kazuya nodded and stood up. “Well, see you the day after tomorrow for practice.” He threw a last thoughtful look at Taguchi and was about to go.
“Wait,” Taguchi jumped up from his chair. He just remembered something, “Before we’re separating again: I just wondered when we should have a meal together again. The last time we all got together is already a while ago. I thought, maybe after practice in two days?” He looked around.
Ueda shrugged. “Fine with me. I don’t have any other plans for that day.”
Yuichi nodded as well. “Good idea. Should I reserve a table somewhere?” Taguchi smiled at him thankfully but then his look fell on Kame. The youngest KAT-TUN member screwed up his mouth, “I’m really sorry,” he apologized and he really looked like it, “but I have already other plans afterwards and an early appointment the next morning…”, he trailed off.
“Well,” Taguchi tried to look not too disappointed, “no problem, we’ll just postpone it until next time then.”
Kazuya nodded relieved. “Let’s do that. I promise I’ll make some time then.”
“Kamenashi-san,” Mori-san interrupted them with an impatient look at the clock, “I’m afraid we really have to get going now.”
“Yeah, sorry, I’m coming.” Kazuya grabbed his stuff and with a last apologetic look at Taguchi he followed the manager out of the room.

In the car to his own drama shooting, Taguchi let his head sink against the back seat window and starred gloomily at the passing buildings. So another drama for Kame. Just by the sound of its name, he could imagine what kind of drama it would be: Second Love , the title gave it all away. Another drama with Kame and some girl, he didn’t really know. Probably a lot of kissing and hugging, too. He knew enough of these kinds of dramas already to foresee at least that. Besides, he watched most of Kame’s earlier dramas and they were all pretty much the same story line. Okay, almost. Gokusen had been different, but that were the really early days. It didn’t count.
Taguchi sighed. He knew he shouldn’t get jealous over something like this. It was childish and overall ridiculous. In the end, it was nothing more than work. Another job that had to be done. But he couldn’t help it. Besides, a new drama meant that Kame wouldn’t have much time for their group activities – again, letting alone his free time. And that right after he had been away a lot this year, first for Vancouver no Asahi and then for Joker Game . They rest of them didn’t see much of him during that days, if at all. Somehow Taguchi had the feeling that Kame’s solo activities had gone a little overboard since Koki’s dismissal. But maybe that was only his personal feeling.
He sighed and closed his eyes.
He couldn’t remember when it had started but he had these feelings for some time now. These feelings of loneliness and emptiness whenever Kame wasn’t around and the other ones – the ones that were harder to hide, when he was around. In the beginning, he didn’t know what to make out off them but now it was just too clear – and he didn’t know what to do about it. He just knew that he couldn’t go on like this for much longer when he didn’t want to go crazy. The only thing that had held him back until now – and would probably keep on to hold him back, was the fact that he knew that he didn’t have a chance. Not the slightest. Kame never showed any signs of deeper affection than friendship towards him. Taguchi even had the impression that he had focused his attention more to Nakamaru recently. Considering the amount of skin shipping between them in public had grown a lot. Being jealous about some chick in a love drama was one thing but skin ship between members was a whole different subject. Especially when it seemed like Kazuya was avoiding him for no reason. Did he do something wrong? Or was it just Koki’s firing that had taken him aback and he was just looking for some support? But why did it have to be Nakamaru then? Why couldn’t it be him?
His thoughts were interrupted when the car stopped and the driver informed him that they had arrived at the filming side. With a “thank you” and a friendly smile Taguchi got out of the car and was immediately monopolized by his make-up artist. Apparently they had arrived a little late due to heavy traffic on the way and for the rest of the day Taguchi’s mind was fully occupied with the drama filming and his co-stars, so that he didn’t have time to think about Kame anymore.

“Otsukaresama,” KAT-TUN left behind the stuff that had followed them and entered the dressing room. Ueda slumped down on the sofa in the middle of the room right away and rested his head on the back rest while Kazuya started to change his clothes. Although it was pretty late for working hours already, he had another recording after this – some promotion for Vancouver no Asahi as far as Taguchi knew.
Taguchi grabbed the remote of the TV that was hanging on the right wall opposite from the mirrors. Nakamaru looked at him surprised. “Since when do you watch TV instead of going home after work is done?” he asked surprised when he recognized the show.
Taguchi shot an accusing look in his direction. “Don’t tell me you forgot that it’s Kazuya’s appearance at vs Arashi today.”
Nakamaru raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t but I thought you said something about recording it at home because you can’t watch it today.”
“I did,” Taguchi admitted, “but Kazuya refused to tell me who had won and I’m curious.” He shot a reproachful look at Kazuya.
“Didn’t want to ruin the excitement for you,” Kazuya replied without looking at him. “Last time you nearly killed me when I told you, complaining that you didn’t have to watch it anymore and that I ruined your evening.” He grinned. “Just didn’t want to repeat that experience.”
“That was that time. You could tell me this time,” Taguchi asked.
Kazuya shook his head. “No chance. Watch for yourself.”
Well, Taguchi would have done that anyway but if Kazuya had told him that his team had won, he wouldn’t have to worry about the outcome anymore and could just enjoy the show. He turned his attention back to the screen where Kazuya just said something about his plans for having a meal with Ohno. Taguchi’s look darkened when he watched their conversation. His sudden change of mood didn’t go unnoticed by the other members. “What’s the matter?” Ueda asked concerned.
Taguchi shook his head. He didn’t want to start this again but he couldn’t suppress another flash of jealousy that overcame him when he heard Kame talking about going out with Ohno. Recently, he never had time to go out with him, though. “For your senpai you have time,” he snapped and glared at Kazuya who flinched surprised. “What do you mean?” he asked confused, not sure what Taguchi was talking about.
Taguchi pointed accusingly towards the screen where the next game was just about to start. “To go out for a meal with Ohno. I’m just surprised that you have time for that when you refused all my latest invitations, you know,” he said offended.
Kazuya’s look turned even more confused. “I didn’t…,” he paused then started again, “it wasn’t like that. I knew, Ohno wouldn’t come even if I had time. I just said it because I thought it would be expected of me. And I don’t even know why I’m defending myself right now,” he finished irritated. “For all I know, I did nothing wrong. I just did my work. You would have done the same. What’s it to you anyways with whom I have a meal? And we did have a meal together, remember?”
“That was nearly two month ago,” Taguchi submitted angrily.
“You know that our schedules never matched since then,” Kazuya answered.
“Yeah, I know. They never do.”
Kazuya opened his mouth for another angry reply but was interrupted by Taguchi, “You know what? Whatever, I don’t want to hear this.” He threw the remote on the table and grabbed his coat. “I’m off.” And with that he stormed out of the room. He couldn’t bear it any longer. He had the feeling that sooner or later he would say something he would regret later on. Before that happened he had to leave.
“Wait, what about your clothes?” Nakamaru shouted after him. “Don’t you want to change?” But Taguchi was already gone. The left members exchanged worried looks.
“What’s with him recently. He wasn’t like this before, was he?”, Nakamaru said.
“No he wasn’t, instead, he was maji urusai,” Ueda answered. “Honestly, his cheerfulness sometimes is no joke.”
Kazuya smiled slightly in remembrance. “Yeah, it is.”
Nakamaru threw a strange look at him but didn’t say anything. “Yeah , but this isn’t better at all.” He hesitated. “Shouldn’t someone go looking after him?” he asked and looked at the other two indecisively.
“Probably,” Ueda agreed and stood up.
“Don’t,” Kazuya jumped in and blocked his way. “I think I should be the one going.”
“You’re sure?” Ueda asked unconvinced. “I mean, he’s obviously mad at you although I don’t know why.”
“And that’s exactly why I have to go,” Kazuya argued. “Don’t you think it’s best when we solve this as soon as possible before it gets worse?”
Ueda looked at him thoughtfully before he nodded. “Sounds reasonable.”
“Thanks,” Kazuya smiled at them apologetically and was about to go.
“Don’t forget your recording,” Nakamaru shouted after him but this, as well, was in vain for Kame was already gone.

After he had stormed out of the dressing room, Taguchi wasn’t sure what he should do next. Nakamaru was right: He should probably change his clothes first before leaving but he wasn’t in the mood to go right back into the room to get his stuff. In the end, he found himself out on the roof without even knowing how he got there.
Frustrated he clenched the bar of the fence that surrounded the roof with his fists and tried to calm down his confused feelings. He did it again. He lost his temper although he promised himself that he wouldn’t and know Kame was angry with him. The last thing he wanted was a fight with Kame. He never really fought with someone in his entire life and he really didn’t want to start now – especially not with Kame. Besides, Taguchi knew that he was in the wrong, that Kame only did his job. But still – when he heard him talking about having a meal with Ohno and saw him laugh with the others, this nasty jealousy of his had taken off again. Taguchi hated himself that he wasn’t able to suppress it. It rather seemed like it had a life of its own. And it had gotten worse over time. Every time Kame rejected him or was a bit too friendly with someone else, it would haunt Taguchi, hurt him. He didn’t want this anymore. He would have given everything to go back to the time before. Then, maybe, he could just somehow prevent himself from falling for Kame. It would be a better, an easier life that was for sure.
He shivered when a cold breeze hit him and snuggled deeper into his coat. That was when Kazuya found him.

“Junno?” The soft voice behind him made him turn. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw Kazuya standing a few feet behind him without a jacket, his arms closely wrapped around his body to protect himself from the cold.
“Kazuya? What are you doing here?” Taguchi asked astonished. “Where’s your jacket?”
Kazuya smiled but it appeared a bit forced. He was obviously cold. “I was looking for you,” he explained and shivered slightly. “I wouldn’t have come if I’d knew you would be hiding at such a cold place.”
Taguchi frowned. “I’m not hiding. I just needed some fresh air.”
“I know.” There was a short silence in which both of them weren’t sure how to go on. Taguchi was still trying to figure out what had brought Kame here in the first place. Why was he looking for him? Wasn’t he mad? Or rather – shouldn’t he be on his way for the next recording? At this point, he would be late. And so far as he knew him that never happened to him before. Not once. Kame was the only one of them who was always punctual. His professionalism wouldn’t allow something else. Hopefully this wouldn’t cause a heart attack. “What do you want?” Taguchi asked again.
“Talk to you,” Kazuya answered. “Although I would prefer to do it someplace more warm and cozy.” He shivered again. Taguchi hesitated, he wasn’t really feeling like talking to Kazuya right now. Not in his current condition with his mind still in uproar. Indecisively he looked at Kame who shifted from one foot to the other. He sighed. Then he crossed the distance between them with a few steps and grabbed Kazuya’s arm. Ignoring his surprised gasp, he dragged him to the entrance of the staircase and back into the warmth of the building. As soon as the door had closed behind them, he let go of Kazuya’s arm and stepped a few steps back. “What do you want to talk about?” he asked although he had a pretty good idea what Kazuya wanted.
“About us,” came the expected answer promptly and although Taguchi had expected it, he wasn’t the least prepared. He avoided Kazuya’s gaze and stared down on his feet instead. “Trust me, you don’t,” he mumbled.
“Trust me, I do,” Kazuya answered determined. “What’s with you recently? It’s not only about the thing in the dressing room just now. You’re acting strange for some time now and I want to know why?”
Taguchi shifted nervously. “I can’t,” he finally said.
“Why?” Kazuya probed. “Obviously it has something do with me, so just tell me, what it is.”
“It’s nothing, I told you. It’s just that…,” he broke off and looked at Kazuya pleading. Why did he had to make him say it? What if he would ruin everything? “I can’t tell you,” he uttered despairing.
“Because I love you!”
Horrified, Taguchi looked at Kazuya. Did he really just said that? Now everything was ruined. What if KAT-TUN was going to break up because of this? That was the only reason he had never said anything about his feelings until now – well, and the fact that he knew that Kazuya wouldn’t return them. He just didn’t want to be rejected by him. That’s why he never dared to say a word. He already knew what he would hear – and know he did it nevertheless. Insecure he looked at Kazuya who’s face hadn’t moved since his confession. It seemed like Kazuya’s whole body had frozen. “Ehm…Kazuya? I…ehm…I don’t mean it like that, I just…,” Taguchi stammered. “It’s just that…I really don’t know what…I…just…,” he trailed off. He was getting nowhere with this.
“I thought it would be something like this,” Kazuya’s voice was so low that Taguchi had difficulties to understand a word. And even then, he wasn’t sure if he could believe what he had heard.
“What?” he asked confused. From all possible reaction he had imagined, this wasn’t one of them.
“I thought it was something like this,” Kazuya repeated a little louder, “I just wasn’t sure and I couldn’t really believe it.”
Taguchi stared at him confused. “How…?”
Kame chuckled, “First, because you’re the only member who kept sending me messages every day when I was away for the movies and second – I’m not blind Junno and you don’t have the best poker face, you know.”
“But…,” Taguchi wasn’t sure how to react to that disclosure. So Kazuya had known his feelings all along? “Why didn’t you say something?”
Now Kazuya was the one to avoid the others look. “Because then I would had to tell you that I’m feeling the same for you and the possible consequences scared the hell out of me,” he finally admitted and raised his eyes to look into Taguchi’s. This time Taguchi was sure that he had misheard what Kazuya said. This whole situation was getting more and more confusing with each second that past. “What?” he stared at Kazuya in disbelieve.
“I love you, “ Kazuya repeated.
“But that’s impossible,” the words were out before he could prevent it.
Kame chuckled again. “I know I’m a cold bastard without feelings,” he said sarcastically.
“That’s not what I meant,” Taguchi defended himself. “I just…”
“I know,” Kazuya interrupted his stammering. “I thought the same about you at first. I mean, before it got rather obvious.” Taguchi blushed. “Still, I couldn’t be one hundred percent sure,” Kazuya ended.
“But you’re always chasing your solo activities. You barely spend time with the rest of us anymore recently. Mostly at official occasions. And then you’re clinging to Maru all the time and you never look at me twice and…,” Taguchi trailed off when a sudden thought appeared in his head.
“You’re really oblivious sometimes,” Kazuya took up the speech before Taguchi could say something else. “But I guess it worked then,” he sounded somehow triumphant which would have pissed off Taguchi if he would actually paid attention to it. But his mind was still too confused to pay attention to the details. “I was afraid that my feelings would be showing if I didn’t do something like that. And that’s also one reason why I took up so many solo activities,” he admitted.
Now Taguchi was finally speechless. He didn’t expect that the least. So, Kame took the solo activities to avoid him because he was scared that his feelings would show? Was that really the only solution he could have thought of? Maybe it was true what everyone said: Maybe Kame really tended to extremities. “So you’re saying that it’s my fault that you abandoned the group?”
“Well, at least for some part,” Kazuya admitted. “But I didn’t abandon the group,” he added in protest, “after all I was the one who fought the most for the continuance of KAT-TUN after Koki left, remember? KAT-TUN is my life.”
“You’re right, I didn’t mean that,” Taguchi gave in. “I’m sorry.”
For a while nobody said a word. Then Kame took up the conversation again. “Then why didn’t you say something before? I kind of expected it at some point. That’s why I did everything to prevent it.”
“But why? What would have been so bad about it?”
“Why didn’t you?” Kazuya asked again.
“Well,” Taguchi hesitated, “because I thought you wouldn’t feel the same and because I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere in the group. It hasn’t been that well after Koki and was just getting better again.”
“See, same goes for me,” Kazuya said. “Besides, the agency would most certainly not tolerate it,” he added soberly.
Taguchi lowered his eyes. “Well, you’re probably right.”
“I guess, we had the same reasons for staying quiet,” Kazuya stated with a smile.
“But if you’re afraid about the agency why did you bring it up now? Why did you induce me to confess?”
“Because I finally realized that keeping quiet and hoping that these feelings would go away over the time was hopeless and it was about to harm the group more than anything else. – And because I was getting tired of lying,” he added.
“But that doesn’t change the facts about the agency and all,” Taguchi submitted silently. He still couldn’t believe that this conversation was actually happening right now.
“I know,” Kazuya admitted. “I know it’s wrong.”
“Then what should we do now?” Taguchi asked with a hopeful undertone in his voice.
Without warning, Kazuya wrapped his arms around Taguchi’s neck who froze at the spot when he felt the other’s arms touching his shoulders. “Well, I have a really good idea what to do,” Kazuya smiled and then he stood on tiptoe and pressed his lips on Taguchi’s.

The moment he felt Kazuya’s lips on his, Taguchi’s mind went blank. His heart beat fast and he couldn’t think about anything else than Kame, his arms around his neck and the soft touch of his lips. His arms acted on their own. They wrapped themselves around Kazuya’s waist and pulled him close. And then he returned the kiss eagerly. He never thought this would happen and now that it did, it was the best thing that ever happened to him in his entire life. If he would have died now, he would have died happy. Kazuya pressed his body against his and so they stood there for a while until they finally broke the kiss. Out of breath they looked at each other with their hands still wrapped tightly around the other one.
“So, does this mean I don’t have to cope with Taguchi on stage any longer?” Ueda’s voice behind them made both of them flinch. Startled they let go of each other and turned around to the staircase where Ueda was standing and watched them interested, his arms crossed and a strange look in his eyes. “What are you doing here?” Taguchi asked caught, his voice sounding a little hysteric. “For how long did you…”
“A while now,” Ueda chuckled then he burst into laughter. “Really, you should see your faces right now.”
Kame and Taguchi looked at each other confused and not sure what to do. That wasn’t really the reaction they had expected. “You’re not angry or – disgusted?” Kazuya asked cautiously after a while.
Ueda panted and tried to calm down to be able to speak. “No, why should I?” he then asked.
“Well, we thought that maybe you wouldn’t like it,” Taguchi said.
“Well, then you thought wrong,” Ueda answered with a little smile. “And I really don’t want to interrupt you two love-birds but Mori-san is near a heart attack because Kame disappeared and he’s late for the recording.”
Kame turned white at his words. “The recording!” he exclaimed. “What time is it?”
“You don’t want to know,” Ueda answered. “But believe me when I say that you’re pretty late.”
“I have to go,” Kame hurried towards the stairs but Taguchi grabbed his arm. “Wait you can’t just leave like that, after…,” he blushed and threw a quick glance at Ueda, “after… you now.”
Ueda chuckled, “No need to hide it, I saw it all.”
Taguchi blushed even more and threw a dark glance at their group member but before he could say something Kame interrupted him. “I really have to go now,” he said.
“You’re already late,” Taguchi protested, “so what difference a few more minutes will make?”
“Yeah, and whose fault is that?” Kazuya asked, ignoring the rest of Taguchi’s sentence.
“No one ordered you to follow me,” Taguchi defended himself.
“If it wasn’t for your behavior earlier in the first place, no one of us would be standing here right now,” Kazuya pointed out.
“And that’s a bad thing?” Taguchi asked offended.
“No of course not,” Kazuya realized his error and turned around to face Taguchi again, a lot calmer than before. “I’m really happy about what happened. I am,” he assured him. He pulled Taguchi close again and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “But I really have to go now.” He smiled at his new boyfriend apologetically and freed himself from his grip. “I’ll call you and then we think of something,” he promised, already half way down the stairs. Taken by surprise and a little lost, Taguchi stared at the spot where Kame stood just a few seconds ago.
“Well, congratulations on choosing the workaholic,” Ueda patted his shoulder grinning, “I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”
Taguchi gave him an annoyed look and tried to hit him with his elbow but Ueda jumped out of his reach. Then he turned serious again. “What are you planning to do now?” he asked. “I mean, I’m totally fine with this and I don’t think that Maru will object it either. In fact, we already suspected this for quite a while now. But there’s still the agency and all.”
“I’m not sure. I guess we…wait, you knew about it? How?” Taguchi looked at Ueda shocked.
“You both were quite obvious, to be honest, although Kame managed to hide it better.”
Embarrassed Taguchi looked down at his feet. “I’ll guess I really have to practice my poker face,” he said with a gap-toothed grin.
“You’ll bet,” Ueda replied, “but first I’ll have to tell Maru.” He started moving and was already half down the stairs when the meaning of his words finally reached Taguchi’s overtaxed mind. “Wait,” he screamed after him. “Don’t!” But as expected, Ueda didn’t listen.
Taguchi sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He felt tired but then a smile appeared on his face and he had trouble to stop himself from jumping around happily. After all, he had finally managed to confess his feelings for Kame, although it didn’t exactly went according to plan, and it felt like a heavy weight had finally lifted from his shoulders. He felt as he was floating ten centimeters above the ground and it was a great feeling.
He didn’t care about the difficulties that were lying ahead of them. Not now. He was sure that they would cross these bridges when they would get there. For now he was just happy to be alive.
When his cell phone rang he pulled it out of his pocket and glanced at the display. His heart skipped a beat when he saw that the message was from Kame:

Would you mind if I come over later instead of calling? We have some time to make up for after all. I think I really want to see you after work. I love you <3 <3 <3

While he was reading, the smile on Taguchi’s face widened. Maybe Kame was a workaholic with a chronic fear of being late but that hadn’t to be necessarily a bad thing. He could be really cute sometimes as well. And although he had been a bit in a hurry in the end, Taguchi didn’t doubt his feelings for one second. That was just Kame in the face of being late for the first time in his life time. And somehow it was cute in its own way although others might have a different opinion about that. Taguchi tipped an answer for Kame, saying that he would be glad if Kame would come over and that he loved him too. He got a little nervous thinking about being alone with Kame and the possible situation that could entail but at the same time Kame’s work couldn’t end soon enough. After reading Kame’s SMS for one last time, he put the cell phone back in his pocket and humming, he followed Ueda down the stairs.


A/N: I got the idea for this story the day before yesterday and just wrote it down, so it may lack in some parts. But still, I like it and I hope you did as well. :)
Like always, comments and constructive critisism are appreciated. ;)

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